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Open Source Big Data workflow management system in use at Adobe, Airbnb, Etsy, Google, ING, Lyft, PayPal, Reddit, Square, Twitter, and United Airlines, among others. Wakefield, MA, Jan. 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the all-volunteer developers, stewards, and incubators of more than 350 Open Source projects and initiatives, announced today Apache® Airflow™ as a Top-Level Project (TLP). Apache Airflow is a flexible, scalable workflow automation and scheduling system for authoring and managing Big Data processing pipelines of hundreds of petabytes. Graduation from the Apache Incubator as a Top-Level Project signifies that the Apache Airflow community and products have been well-governed under the ASF’s meritocratic process and principles. “Since its inception, Apache Airflow has quickly become the de-facto standard for workflow orchestration,” said Bolke de Bruin, Vice President of Apache Airflow. “Airflow has gained adoption among developers and data scientists alike thanks to its focus on configuration-as-code.

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That has gained us a community during incubation at the ASF that not only uses Apache Airflow but also contributes back. This reflects Airflow’s ease of use, scalability, and power of our diverse community; that it is embraced by enterprises and start-ups alike, allows us to now graduate to a Top-Level Project.” Apache Airflow is used to easily orchestrate complex computational workflows.

Through smart scheduling, database and dependency management, error handling and logging, Airflow automates resource management, from single servers to large-scale clusters. Written in Python, the project is highly extensible and able to run tasks written in other languages, allowing integration with commonly used architectures and projects such as AWS S3, Docker, Apache Hadoop HDFS, Apache Hive, Kubernetes, MySQL, Postgres, Apache Zeppelin, and more. Airflow originated at Airbnb in 2014 and was submitted to the Apache Incubator March 2016. Apache Airflow is in use at more than 200 organizations, including Adobe, Airbnb, Astronomer, Etsy, Google, ING, Lyft, NYC City Planning, Paypal, Polidea, Qubole, Quizlet, Reddit, Reply, Solita, Square, Twitter, and United Airlines, among others.

Apache Airflow is an open source platform used to author, schedule, and monitor workflows. Airflow overcomes some of the limitations of the cron utility by providing an extensible framework that includes operators, programmable interface to author jobs, scalable distributed architecture, and rich tracking and monitoring capabilities.


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A list of known users can be found at “Adobe Experience Platform is built on cloud infrastructure leveraging open source technologies such as Apache Spark, Kafka, Hadoop, Storm, and more,” said Hitesh Shah, Principal Architect of Adobe Experience Platform. “Apache Airflow is a great new addition to the ecosystem of orchestration engines for Big Data processing pipelines. We have been leveraging Airflow for various use cases in Adobe Experience Cloud and will soon be looking to share the results of our experiments of running Airflow on Kubernetes.” “Our clients just love Apache Airflow. Airflow has been a part of all our Data pipelines created in past 2 years acting as the ring-master and taming our Machine Learning and ETL Pipelines,” said Kaxil Naik, Data Engineer at Data Reply. “It has helped us create a Single View for our client’s entire data ecosystem. Airflow’s Data-aware scheduling and error-handling helped automate entire report generation process reliably without any human-intervention. It easily integrates with Google Cloud (and other major cloud providers) as well and allows non-technical personnel to use it without a steep learning curve because of Airflow’s configuration-as-a-code paradigm.” “With over 250 PB of data under management, PayPal relies on workflow schedulers such as Apache Airflow to manage its data movement needs reliably,” said Sid Anand, Chief Data Engineer at PayPal.