Wii Wad Channel Pack

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Wii Wad Channel Pack Emuladores

A huge Assortment of wads for the Nintendo wii, to be installed with the Homebrew Channel or Twilight Princess Hack (Which I have included). Below is the files available. Note I have a PAL system so those with American or Jap ntsc systems beware of the chance of bricking your wii. I am not going to be responsible for bricking your wiis. * wads Channels + Wii Internet Channel.wad (38.71 megabyte) PAL homebrew_browser:boot.elf (852.52 kilobyte):icon.png (7.33 kilobyte):meta.xml (3.77 kilobyte) Saves are the Twilight Princess hack.

Tutorial on how to get a fully working wii menu like in this video https. With NUS Downloader, download Wii System Menu 2.0U, and pack as wad. Step 3: With NUS Downloader, download the very first Mii Channel version2. Final Step: Install the wads with Dolphin Emulator. Your wii should now block Disk Udates and Online Updates PriiLoader Settings (Optional) You can set you wii to boot the System Menu, HomeBrew Channel, USB Loader GX or any other app you want. [MEGA] Ultimate Wiiware / VC Wad Collection About Us DarkUmbra is the place for gaming content and news. We specialize in custom content for Wii games and have tutorials galore just waiting to be perused to increase your gaming and hacking knowledge. We created DUTag, the customizable, dynamically updating Wii gamertag.

Wii Wad Channel Pack

I suggest using it straight away to install the homebrew channel. First of all, using the twilight hack is a very old method.

Now, we're using bootmii + bannerbomb to install dvdx and homebrew channel. @Qkill123 you don't need to burn it.

Just put it on your sd card, lunc ha wad manager from your homebrew channel ( for exemple, one of waninko ) than select the wad file into the folder 'wad' in the root of your sd card. Click on install and Voila!

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Wii Wad Channel

You game is now installed. Still, you need cIOS patched up to do this, but i think that if you can burn dvd and play them on your wii, i assume that yu have already cIOS installed;) Also, great torent hart37! I have fun with my dad playing super mario bros 3 rofl. Also, defend you castle is fun:).

I tried one wad. Sonic the Hedgehog. It installed ok. But when i went to the menu to run it, i noticed that it said Genesis. I thought it was called Megadrive in PAL regions. Also it said Sonic 2, which is not the one i installed. So i thought i would run it and see what happens.

Wii Wad Channel Installer

I got a message that said 'You are not allowed to use this channel' At least it didn't brick my Wii. Makes me doubt the other wads. I have a PAL console, i know what i'm doing. Will try to region free it and run it from the emulated nand.

Be careful people. I have noticed the following.

Most importantly, some of these wads are BIG. Make SURE you have enough system memory BEFORE you install them.

Running out of system memory while installing a wad is bad. Trust me, I know.:( Fixable, usually, bad still bad. That said, I have noticed that Final Fantasy VI doea not appear to be Final Fantasy VI, but is instead some Donkey Kong game. Also, Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 appear to be nearly identical, differing only by the contents of two bytes. Cmp -l ~/Downloads/wad/Games/Mega Drive/Sonic The Hedgehog.wad ~/Downloads/wad/Games/Mega Drive/Sonic The Hedgehog 2.wad 3742 1 2 3778 31 17 Several of the wads do work correctly, however several display a message that they cannot be run.