Synology Surveillance Station Download

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Surveillance Station Client is a desktop utility which provides a quick, simple and powerful way to access Surveillance Station on your Synology products. Download and launch the Synology Surveillance Station, click “IP Camera”, and add the Synology Surveillance Station camera to the software as the popup suggests. Select Quick Setup, and fill in the required information of the Synology Surveillance Station camera (as the screenshot shows).

Most new network-attached storage (NAS) devices can handle recording video from a wired or wireless network camera, but NAS-maker Synology has taken it a whole lot further with its Surveillance Station 8.1 app. When used in conjunction with a set of network-connected security cameras, Surveillance Station will turn your Synology NAS into a surveillance system that has enough in-depth features to suit both SMB and home usage scenarios. It can even integrate into a dedicated security system, or work with compatible smart home products.

Surveillance Station 101. NAS devices such as the DS418play can handle up to 25 IP cameras, but Synology also sells dedicated network video recorders. The underlying concept is simple – an IP camera is connected to your wired or wireless network, and the footage can be recorded onto your Synology NAS. Surveillance Station 8.1 has the usual features you'll find in security-cam software, such as motion detection, remote viewing, alerts and so on, but it also includes a truckload of higher-end features which make it a whole lot more useful in everyday life.

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Synology Surveillance Station Plugin Download

Most importantly, all the configuration and video viewing is performed via an easy-to-use web interface. Aside from home or office security, IP cameras are popular for monitoring pets, checking if deliveries have been made and can even be used with video intercoms for two-way communications. Available as a free download, the Surveillance Station 8.1 will run on compatible Synology NAS and NVR (Network Video Recorder) devices running the DiskStation Manager (DSM) 6.0 operating system and above.

It's compatible with over 5,600 different IP camera models. Most Synology NAS devices include two complimentary camera licenses, with the cost to add additional units around AU$60 per camera. Getting up & running. Surveillance Station (and all sorts of other handy apps) are downloaded and installed through the Synology Package Center.

We tested Surveillance Station 8.1 on a Synology DS1517+, using it to connect to a range of IP cameras that we had on hand. For the purpose of this guide, we're going to presume the basic functions of your Synology NAS are already up and running – if not, follow the hard drive install and initial setup guidelines that were included with your device. Once you're set up, log into your NAS and launch the Package Center, then install Surveillance Station and run it. For anyone who wants to try before they buy, Synology has this fantastic that includes Surveillance Station. It can perhaps look a little daunting at first, but if you get stuck at all, the Help file is very comprehensive and easy to follow. Surveillance Station can connect to over 5,600 different IP camera models, including video intercoms and baby monitors.


To connect a camera in Surveillance Station, first make sure you have at least one compatible IP camera powered up and connected to the same network as your NAS. Then, in the Surveillance Station interface, click the IP Camera icon to load the management tab, then select Add Camera from the top left (or Add Batch for those adding loads of cameras at once). The Quick Setup option is great for first time users, while Complete Setup gives more in-depth options for selecting frame rate, resolution and so on – all of these can be edited later, too.

Synology Surveillance Station

Next, enter a camera name, then hit the search button at the IP address box and any active cameras on the network will be automatically identified. Click Test Connection to auto fill the audio and video format, then click Finish. Surveillance Station has loads of inbuilt intelligence, including motion-detection areas and configurable alerts. The next step is to set up some of the basic functionality.