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SOAL-SOAL UJIAN SELEKSI PENERIMAAN CALON PEGAWAI NEGERI SIPIL ======== MATA UJIAN: BAHASA INGGRIS TINGKAT: SARJANA/DIPLOMA HARI/TANGGAL: LOKASI WAKTU: 60 MENIT =========== PETUNJUK: Untuk soal nomor 1 sampai dengan nomor 50, pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang saudara anggap paling tepat diantara pilihan yang tersedia. Pilih jawaban yang paling benar 1. The North Olate River ——-from Wyoming into Nebraska. With flowing water Ans: b 2. ——Biloxi received its name from a Sioux word meaning?first people? The city of b.

Latihan Soal Number (Angka) Bahasa Inggris Disertai Jawabannya – Ini merupakan lanjutan dari materi sebelumnya tentang pembahasan angka dalam bahasa inggris. Materi yang berupa latihan soal ini merupakan materi level dasar, cocok untuk pemula walau untuk yang sudah cukup mahir juga tidak masalah. Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris tentang Penggunaan Used to dan Would – Bahasa Inggris memiliki berbagai macam jenis ungkapan yang menggunakan jenis kata kerja atau frasa kata kerja tertentu, contohnya seperti penggunaan frasa kata kerja “used to” dan kata kerja “would”.

The tour included Ans: a 3. A pride of lions —–up to ferty lions, including one to three males, several females and cubs. Can contain b. It contains c. Containing Ans: a 4. Diablo 2 1.12a nocd. Plant are small and white. Having flowers the d.

Soal Bahasa Inggris Online

The flowers of the Ans: d 5. The tetrachnes —- antibiotics, are used to treat infections.

Are a family of b. A family of d.

Their family Ans: c 6. Any possible academic assistance from taking stimulanis —– marginal at best. Henry Adams born in Boston, —–famous as a novelist a. And became c. And the became Ans: a 8.

—–show the relations among neurons, they do not preclude the possibility that when aspecs are important. Neoral theories b. A neural theories c. Although neural theories d. However neural theories Ans: c 9.

During free fall, —-up to a full minute, a skydiver will fall at a constant speed a. Is Ans: a 10. —-in the first draft ofthe budget will not necessarily be in final draft a. Although it appears b. It appears c. What appears d.

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Despite its appearance Ans: c 11. Until ——incorect, astronomers had assumed that the insidesof white award were uniform. Recenly proven c. Their proof d. The astronomers recenly proven Ans: b 12. When —–nests during spring nesting season Canadageese are fiercely a.

Are building d. Are built Ans: b 13. Located behind —–the two lacrimal glands a. Each eyelid b. Is each eyelid c.

Each eyelid are d. Each eyelid which is Ans: c 14.? —–Hale Telescope,? At thepalomar Observatory in southern California, scientists can photograph objects several billion light years away. They use the d.

It is the Ans: b 15. Among bees —-a highly elaborate form of communication a.

Soal Bahasa Inggris Online

They occurs Ans: b 16. —–heated by solar energy have special collectors on the roofs to trap sunlight a. Homes are Ans: a 17. Vitamin C is necessary for the prevention and —– of scurvy a. For curing Ans: b 18. Because bone loss accurs earlier in women than —–, the effects of osteoporosis are more apparent in women. Similar to men d.

Men do Ans: b 19. The use of detail is —–method of developing a controlling idea, and almost all students employ this method a. That most common b. More common d. Most common Ans: b 20. The speed of lights is —–the speed of sound. Much faster than c.

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One fastest d. As fast Ans: b 21. Each object ——jupiter?s magnetic field is deluged with electrical charges. Enter Ans: c 22.