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EDIUS Pro/Workgroup 9 Trial Version Installation Guide Internet Connectivity The EDIUS Pro/Workgroup 9 Trial Version requires a continuous internet connection in order to create and validate your EDIUS ID. More information on activation and EDIUS ID can be found. Installation Instructions • Download and run the file.

(note: this link will always point to the most current version) • Follow the prompts to install the software. • When the installation is finished, reboot your PC.

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Edius software free download trial version

How to start the Trial Version • Double-click the EDIUS icon on the desktop. • You will be asked to enter a serial number. Enter the serial number that was provided to you in the Trial Version information e-mail. • The trial version license activation will run.

Edius Software Download For Windows 7

If successful, the ‘license activated’ dialog box will appear. Click the [OK] button. • Enter your e-mail address and password for your EDIUS ID then click the [Log in] button.

About Your EDIUS ID What's an EDIUS ID? Your EDIUS ID links you to your EDIUS Pro/Workgroup license key the first time that you use EDIUS Pro/Workgroup. This provides much greater license security, and helps Grass Valley to combat piracy and illegal software use. EDIUS ID and EDIUS Authentication of your serial number with your EDIUS ID is necessary to launch EDIUS. The first time EDIUS is launched after installation, a serial number and EDIUS ID verification screen will appear.

EDIUS Pro//Workgroup will launch if they can be authenticated. EDIUS ID Online Functions After successfully creating and registering your EDIUS ID, you will be able to access your personal EDIUS ID page online to do the following: • Check your serial number information (confirmed after EDIUS verification) • Receive a Trial Version license (a trial version license can be activated for each product only once) How to create an EDIUS ID Follow the instructions on the, enter the information required and then click ‘EDIUS ID Registration’. You will then receive an email, with instructions explaining how to complete your registration.