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Digital Microscopes; Biological Microscopes. Manuals & Software. Celestron warrants your product to be free from defects in materials. The Celestron Digital Microscope Imager allows you to view and/or capture snapshot images or video with your microscope and your computer. The Imager replaces the eyepiece of your microscope so images can be viewed on your computer screen. Perfect for comfortable viewing by yourself or with small groups and will work with virtually all microscopes. A Celestron Digital Microscope Imager turns your traditional compound or stereo microscope into a high-resolution digital imager using a personal computer, Chromebook or LabQuest 2. The imager replaces the eyepiece of the microscope and connects directly to your device via USB.

The Celestron® MicroDirect™ 1080p HDMI Handheld Digital Microscope is an easy-to-use, low-power microscope with a high-speed 3.5-megapixel sensor. Unlike most digital microscopes, the MicroDirect™ has a 1080p HDMI video output that connects directly into an HDMI monitor or projector for live high-resolution video streaming. The camera has a micro SD card slot (card not included) for capturing 3.5-megapixel still images and video clips.

These features eliminate the need for a computer connection, which is why the MicroDirect™ is one of the easiest digital microscopes to set up and use. The MicroDirect™ is powered by a USB connection. Plug one end of the USB cable (included) into the microscope and the other end into an open USB 2.0 port on your computer, monitor, or projector. If your device has no USB 2.0 port, plug the USB cable into a 120-V (5-V, 1-A) power adapter (not included), then plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet. Note: The included USB cable works with all standard USB plugs that come with many of today's electronics (such as smartphones and tablets).

Create high-resolution images, VGA-quality video, and time-lapse animations using the included Micro Capture Pro software for Windows® 7.1 and above. You can also take accurate measurements and make notes on your specimens using this intuitive software. An adjustable LED illuminator ensures your specimens are clear and bright, and the fully adjustable, professional stand allows for steady shots, even at high magnification.

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Intended for educational use, discriminating hobbyists, or professionals, the MicroDirect™ is well suited for jobs such as entomology, industrial quality control, component inspection, medical investigation, scientific research, and forensics documentation. The MicroDirect™ is powered by a USB connection. Plug the USB cable (Included) into the microscope and then into an open USB 2.0 port. If there is no USB 2.0 port on the computer, monitor or projector, use any5V-1A USB plug (not included) and plug the USB cable into it, and then into an available power outlet. NOTE: The included USB cable works with all standard USB plugs that come with many of today's electronics such as smartphones and tablets. • Celestron® Micro Capture Pro software DVD with measuring feature • Adjustable height stand and calibration ruler included • 20x to 200x magnification • Manual focus range from 10 mm to infinity • Adjustable 8-LED ring illuminator • Celestron® 2-year limited warranty • Size, 6-9/10 x 5-1/2 x 4-1/3'; wt, 2-1/5 lb (microscope and stand). Maxtor one touch windows 10.

Known for its manufacturing of high quality telescopes, Celestron is also a leading manufacturer of optical products receiving industry and consumer awards for product innovation. Producing a precise and clear image is vitally important and with the advancement of digital imaging capture, it is obvious that one should use an updated microscope to meet your system requirements helping to ensure a quality output.

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Keep in mind though, that this is not equivalent to a. What really makes this model interesting is the price. The Celestron 44302 Handheld Digital Microscope is well priced for its capabilities.

Product Details: With this innovative and quality microscope, you can take snapshot images and videos of the object and see them on a computer screen for appropriate analysis and photo sharing/management. Armed with a great design, the microscope is supported by a metal stand, which keeps it steady and stable at different positions or can be simply handheld. It is suitable for both teens and adults and can be used in a variety of environments such as education, work and hobby. Clips can enable inspection of specimen slides at both low and high powers. But not only for slides, this microscope can be used to successfully examine objects such as coins, gems, rocks, jewellery settings, stamps, plants, insects etc. Product Features: • Handheld Digital Microscope • Rugged Metal stand for support in different positions/ or remain handheld • 2-MP digital camera for taking snapshots and videos of the object / previous model is 1.3MP • Adjustable LED Illumination • 10x to 40x and 150x Magnification power • System Requirements: The 2MP is compatible with Win XP/Vista/7 or MAC 10.4.9. • CD/DVD Drive and open USB Port.