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How do I recover the serial number of Acrobat XI Pro which I want to transfer to a new computer? I have installed Arcobat X Pro on computer A and registered it. I do see my serial number displayed in my Adobe Account. I then updated to Acrobat XI Pro (but may have not registered it with Adobe, as I see no serial number for the version XI in my account). How can I recover the serial number of version XI? I tried support chat (an waited already 1h).

I tried to call the German support number, which hangs up after a while automatically. HARALD GREINER. Thank you for your answer. After almost 2h the Support admitted: a) the Webiste has issues and send me my serial number by email (needed to wait almost 30min) b) that their phone support my have 'today' a technical issue. ==> I bet the support is no different tomorrow. So, I finally had the Sserial number.

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Adobe Acrobat Xi Pro Key Gen

I install Acrobat XI Pro and entered the serial number. Logic pro x download torrent. All looked ok.

Adobe Acrobat Xi Pro Key

Adobe Acrobat Xi Pro Keygen Crack Free Download

I had to reboot and then I started the program: 'Verfiying the serial number.' Then 'The Serial Number you provided is valid, but a qualified product could not be found on this computer' The list of 'qualified products' that are offered does not include Acrobat XI Pro. No, the whole tragedy starts over again.